We all know the feeling of having a good idea, something you find extremely interesting, something you  would like to do for a living, something you know that you are very good at. The difficult  part is getting from idea to real business. This page is meant for you to get inspired, learn from others experiences, know that it is possible to make your own business and to give you the motivation to get started. Take the first step today towards building your own business, begin with reading the stories on this page. It is all about having a good idea, making a good business plan and taking the first step.  Take the opportunity to learn from others, as Einstein said:

stand on the shoulders of giants

On this page you will find stories from people who made it, from idea to business. You will get inspired, find good ideas of what to do – or not do. But most important, you will learn, that it is possible to live out your dream.  The satisfaction of living of your dream, your own business is worth pursuing, waking up every morning knowing, that the day will bring challenges, success, failure but that it will all be your doing. You will get the full reward for all your trouble, hard work, time spent at work and good ideas.

You will also find stories from people who did not succeed, you will know what they learned  from their experiences which will help you not make the same mistakes. You will benefit from the experiences of others and get to know, that failure is not a problem, it is just part of building knowledge and part of the way to success.

It is possible, you can do it, just get started and remember:

Rome wasn´t build in one day


About us:

We are both academically trained, used to read all the textbooks and know the theory before we do anything. And we did! And we failed! What we had not found access to was real life stories, real peoples experiences with making their own business, knowledge of what to do – or not do in real life.

We had a lot of trouble getting our own business started, we lost faith several times, we started over because we wanted to succeed, and finally we did get started. We learned, that getting started is difficult – but on the other hand if it was easy, then ever body would do it, and the satisfaction of success not as rewarding! We learned that it is possible, but that it takes a lot of hard work.

So we thought, how can we share our experiences with other people, who  wants to start a business of their own? How can we help people avoid making the same mistakes as we did? Getting started will always be difficult, but there must be some way to make it just a little easier…

And then we got the idea to make this site. A place for people to share their experiences, to learn from each other and to motivate people to dare getting started. To share the message that it is possible, it is fun and it is rewarding!

Why the name?
We figured that the best name would be something that really describes the essens of being an entrepreneur. You are never able to hide. You always have to perform to the highest standards in order to succeed. If you want to win, you have got to bring the very best of you to the table every time. You have to sell you sell in order to get it your way.
Welcome to sales-way.nl